Gisis MP3-Tag-Editor

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Will there be a loss of quality when changing the track information of a mp3 file frequently?
No! The track information data are a separate part in the mp3 file which is saved at the beginning (ID3v2 tag) or at the end (ID3v1 tag) of the mp3 file. The actual music data is not affected by the changes and will not be modified during this process.
How can I select and edit more than one mp3 file?
To select multiple files press the shift- respectively CTRL-key while selecting the files, just like in the Windows explorer.
All input fields of the selected files whose contents differ from each other, will become gray. Once you click in such a field it will show the content of the first file. As soon as you change the content this will affect all files.
What's the difference between ID3v1 and ID3v2?
ID3v1 is the original version of the track information. It though suffers from some constrictions, e.g. the sparse given fields that can take 30 characters at all. ID3v2 doesn't suffer from these constrictions any longer. The track information in the ID3v2 format can contain almost unlimited fields with most different contents.
A mp3 file can contain track information stored in both versions. So older software that does not support ID3v2 yet can use ID3v1 at least.
Which formats for the track information are supported by the MP3-Tag-Editor?
Both ID3v1(.1) and ID3v2 (up to the latest version ID3v2.4) are supported, except for the first official, very little common ID3v2 version ID3v2.2.
In the menu item "File|Settings - read/write" you can choose which format the MP3-Tag-Editor will use eventually.
I bought an old version of the MP3-Tag-Editor. Can I download and use the newest update?
Yes. Your registration data will be valid further on (within the same main version). E.g. if you registered version 3.01 you can use all following versions beginning with 3. The MP3-Tag-Editor automatically detects your registration data you've already entered.
You just need to download the newest version and unpack it. The old files can be overwritten without compunction.
What are the system requirements for the MP3-Tag-Editor?
The MP3-Tag-Editor should run on any Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC.
How soon will I get the full version?
The MP3-Tag-Editor will achieve full version functionality with a license key (= your registration data).
Using bank transfer you'll usually get this key within the next 24 hours after receipt of payment. Paying via ShareIt - depending on the method of payment -
you'll receive the key immediately.
How much does the MP3-Tag-Editor cost?
You'll get one license of the MP3-Tag-Editor for an equitable price of 10 Euro with which you support the program author at the development of the application.
Why does the save procedure last sometimes longer?
The save procedure lasts longer if there was no title information in the ID3v2-Format present or changed its size substantially. In these cases the complete file must be rewritten.